Friday, November 6, 2009

A waiting game update and a little more

It has been forever since I updated...

SO here it goes.

Visa waiting game update: At the end of october we received an email from ours lawyers saying that they received an email from the Visa center saying they are waiting for a reply from DHS about a waiver we applied for back in april. WELL. Apparently this waiver takes 6 months(which would be this nov.) to a year to be processed. When we turned in all the paperwork for the visa, including this waiver... we thought it all went together but come to find out that the waiver is something on it's own. Anywho, lawyer lady says they think we will get an answer from DHS after the new year but not any sooner because this is about the time government likes to take vacations to be with their families. Imagine that. Hm. Anywho, when the Visa center gets the answer from DHS they will contact Luis and he will be told when to go to the center so he can find out if the Visa is approved. The lawyers assure us that it most likely will be. Continuing to keep our fingers and toes crossed.

I'm still working at the Bistro. That is seriously a job you do not want to keep for years. Adore my boss, not the work. I do love my nannying job though. She is such a joy to watch and play with. She has such a strong personality already and is crawling and pulling herself up and thinking she can walk on her own and she's barely nine months old. She's a good baby fix, and i mean that in the nicest way possible.

Luis is still working at the car wash and cruise ships are back for the season. Things are a sketchy down there right now. If you aren't up for sad, I would skip this paragraph... A little girl that lived in the neighborhood, that Luis would see almost everyday walking with her sister, was kidnapped a couple weeks ago and held for ransom. From what I understand, after the little girls family agreed to paying the ransom when they were told their daughter was still alive, a couple days later they found her body. She had already been dead for 15 days. Unfortunately this is the type of stuff you can read about more and more these days. It's a shame we can't send Jenny(my sister-in-law) down to see her mom and I can't go see Luis even though I know if anything were to happen he would be there to protect us in any way he possibly could.

On a not so sad note, the twins are doing great. The letters the write and email each week are Awesome. When i'm not so tired I post some fabulous pictures.

My sister in law had her Quinceanera a weekend or two ago. I'd say it went pretty well. There was lots of delicious food and lots of people with a little bit of dancing here and there. I have pictures on my facebook if you are interested. We spent the morning setting up and blowing up balloons. Went and got her hair did extra curly. Stop to change and then off to get her makeup done at macys. Quick stop at subway to feed the teenagers. run back to the party spot to shove food down and wait for the limo. Take pictures of the birthday girl send them on their way. I run home and pretend to have enough time to get ready and gather everything I need, but when you only have 45 minutes with how long my hair is...not enough time... Run back to the party spot, set up food and cakes thanks to my Bff Katie, run around, take some pictures...and when i say some i mean until the cameras dies... There was a moment when she was about to blow out her candles when you knew all she wanted was her mom. Her god parents video taped everything so they could send it to her mom and brother.

Well I'm off to get ready for another exciting day in the bistro.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jibberish and some cute Missionaries

I know I have said this before...and I will say it again...

My brothers are the cutest things ever!

Here is a picture that one of Devyns MTC teachers sent today. I love his blue tie :)

and here is one of Derek on his 1st day

We are still waiting on some pictures. Unfortunately the postal system got the best of us and someone snagged the first memory card Derek had sent us! Sad day! Next time padded envelopes and duct tape...

On another note...still no word on Luis' case. We are still crossing our fingers. Can't be anymore than 4 months now...but sooner than later would be great...whatev... ;)

I've been keeping myself busy with usual...The bistro is...well...the bistro...oddles and noodles of fun...and I've began nannying...which I love! She's 4 months old and learning so much. It's a joy to watch and be apart of and she's such a chunk and a cute chunk at that :)

I have a little time off tonight so I thought I would dedicate some of my time to cleaning my room...the one thing I haven't been able to make myself do these past couple weeks...and of course I have already found something to distract me...I need to write to my brothers...Find some good music to listen to...Maybe find a drink...


Here it goes...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here it goes...

Because I am super forgetful I wanted to jot down all my thoughts, but also because it is 12:30am and am running on about 2 hours of sleep from the night all may not make when I have a chance I will go back and fix what needs fixin'.

Derek became Elder Stott today. And Devyn is soon on his way! What a feeling! I think of my brothers as the cutest/handsomest things that walked this earth (minus my husband and father of course...but only for this occasion)...and they are...because they are my brothers... and they are hilarious and caring, responsible...when they need to be... they are laid back when they can be. Protective and smart, worthy and manly...I could go on but this would be a really long blog... To watch the process and progress that my brothers have been going through in just the past few months is amazing. Long story short, the feelings that I have experienced today is a reassurance that the Gospel that we know today is truly the word Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. As Derek was being set apart I felt like every right word had been spoken and that they were inspired by the Lord. I was tearing up even before they got started! Devyn and Derek have been such a great examples to me. I wish that everyone(including myself) could have the same enthusiasm that they have exhumed over the opportunity that they have to serve the Lord.
One other thing I had a chance to witness today was the power of the priesthood. Both Dad and Devyn had the opportunity to stand in on Dereks blessing and later that night Derek received a fathers blessing with Devyn by his side. I feel so blessed to be apart of a family that has worthy priesthood holders and they are able to exercise that privilege on any given day. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that the Lord is on your side no matter what happens. For this, I am truly thankful for.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The waiting game. We're really good at that.

Luis had his Visa interview today. BIG sigh of relief. He says it went well as far as he could tell. Now we wait. Some more. Again. But the wait won't be long, so it doesn't feel as tough. It's more just annoying...all the waiting...but soon it will come to an end. Soon soon. I feel like I repeat myself over and over again. But that's all I got. I'll let you know when we find out whats coming next.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

That's right...I have...

TWO Amazing brothers. Devyn received his call yesterday (Saturday) saying he is to serve in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Spanish speaking mission! Whoo! So...for those keeping tabs...that's TWO wonderful, not so young anymore, men serving missions on the east coast...both spanish...both will be in the MTC at about the same time. Derek reports May before my birthday...Devyn reports June 10th. It's fun to see where life is taking them and to see the decisions they are making along the way. I feel blessed to know that I have willing and able brothers to do the Lords work, and even if they didn't choose that path, I have a feeling they would have served another way.
I'm just so excited! Also...a little sad...2 years is a long time...BUT, as you know...time and I are best friends...and I think it will be a little easier to say see ya later this time around. I just pray that they will be safe and healthy and have a good experience.

One some other news, Luis has a doctors appointment for his visa on monday. That is just another step closer to having him home. So close. After a while you think...this is getting so old...and you have a lot of "really? did that seriously just happen..." moments. or at least I do but they are slowly coming to an end...I hope.
I finally had enough money to send Luis for his glasses...he is pretty much blind and scares the jeepers out of me when he is driving...the fact that he drives a motorcycle may have something to do with that...ANYWHO...he now has glasses and I think he looks pretty darn cute. Yay for not blind husbands!

Well spring break is over. I worked the whole time. Awesome. Back to school tomorrow and a fun filled week of work. Can't wait. Hold me back.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Big Day!

Sooo....kinda got some good news...

Luis has an interview scheduled for his visa on April 22nd! Whoooo!!!

He goes in, gets evaluated and then of course...our favorite part...wait...but just a little bit longer. It could be a couple of days to a couple of weeks before he gets called back and told whether or not he has permission to immigrate to the U.S.
Our lawyer says we have a strong case so really we shouldn't worry, and I'm not to worried, but of course I can't help it.

Things are starting to look up!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Did you hear?!

J. Derek Stott has been called to serve in the Morristown, New Jersey spanish speaking mission! Whoo! I may be slightly biased...but my brothers are a stud muffins. It's amazing the things they (derek and devyn) have accomplished. Devyn is almost done with his paperwork and derek will be jetting off may 20th...the day before my birthday...
I'm so excited!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's the waiting game

SO I got a call from our lawyer. She said that they are working with another case that is about a month ahead of us and that case just got a call for their interview! SOOOO that means the Guatemalan embassy is moving a little quicker than we thought so it could mean that Luis will be getting a call soon! We are hoping that is the case and that everything goes well. We are hoping he gets to come home before the boys leave on theirs missions, but we will be happy either way. I'll keep you posted!

Monday, January 26, 2009

We are just Cutie McCutersons

I'm allowed to say that because they are my family...and it's true. ;)

This is typical Stott fashion. We can never really be that serious but I think that is what makes us so fun. I'm happy that we got some great photos and I'm glad Courtney put up with us! You can see pics on my facebook, or Courtney's photography website.

One day when the boys are back from their missions and we all have a chance to get together, Luis will be in those pics. But for now, we will be happy with the ones we have!

(I believe if you click on the pic it will get bigger if it isn't big enough...I think...)

Friday, January 23, 2009

I really just don't have a good

I had an urge to write...and then it passed, partially due to the fact that I don't feel like there is much to talk about. But I'm going to anyways. Just had a little visit from my visiting teachers. I think they are awesome and they have cute little toddlers too! They faithfully visit me each month and I love that they put in the effort. It means a lot to me.
I'm still going to school and it's still kicking my behind. Lots of studying and note taking are in my future. I am still working, although less hours so I can focus on school and not feel so overwhelmed...although that means less pay...and that kind of stresses me out in a small way...but it needs to be done.
Luis is also still working, as long as the cruise ships come in. We are waiting to hear from the lawyers or visa center for Luis' interview date. We hope it's drawing near. I feel like it is, but I don't want to get my hopes up right yet.
What else? ...
I have a part time nannying job coming up. I'm excited about that :) I love kids so really it's a job I don't mind doing. And she she will be practically a couple months I don't think I will have a problem with that. I think I will still work saturdays and catering events and the bistro but I really don't want to continue there for much longer. It's not something I was to do for the rest of my life although my bosses make it very easy to work there. I am very fortunate to have such an easy going atmosphere. The other day, one of my co-workers commented on how I still babysit and thought it was odd. Being 21 and married, and still babysitting. That's right. I love it. I think even if Luis was still here, I'd babysit, not so many evenings maybe, but you get the drift. I'd be a full time professional babysitter if it would pay the bills. Is there such thing as a full time professional babysitter? And I don't mean a nanny...but like...babysitting for someone different(multiple maybe), every day/week/month, call um' me I need to run some errands without the kids babysitter...?
Anywho. Not much else is going on. Just avoiding homework...
What are you up to?

Monday, January 12, 2009

A matter of waiting...

It's hard to believe that 2008 is done and gone but it also seems like it's time for 2008 to be done. I'm back in a favorite of mine...especially with 18 credits to get through this term but it's essential...
Deciding to take 18 credits has limited my working hours to about 20...that's a kick... It's not nearly enough to cover half...or even a fourth of any upcoming paperwork bills Luis and I have coming up but it makes me even more grateful to have a loving dad who will do anything possible to get Luis back here in the states. I only hope we can repay him one day for all the love and support he has shown us.

Keeping up with school will be a struggle, but i think I can get through it. Not working will be the struggle though. because my school hours are kind of odd, my boss can't work me in so I am kind of relying on babysitting jobs and anything else I can get my hands on really. One of my co-workers commented on how I still babysat and thought it was a little weird. Honestly I much rather be doing that than working at a bistro...I do have a nannying job lined up, but that's not for a couple months, and until then I have to find a way to keep afloat.

A note on our paperwork, I met with the social worker who conducted my evaluation for my declaration for hardship for Luis' visa. That was a slightly emotional couple of hours. I was lucky to get a very nice lady who also agreed with families being reunited. It's hard to open up to someone you just met, but I think I managed to get my point across. Now we wait for the social worker to write up her report, send it to the lawyer, if everything looks right they send that with my declaration, the letters from family and friends, and I'm sure anything else that needs to be signed, in to the Visa center who then hopefully approves it, sends it to the Guatemala visa center who will then approve Luis for an interview. Luis has his interview. We wait a little and he gets called back and then they will tell him whether he was approved or not for his Visa.

I'm trying to stay optimistic about it all going through. So far no problems. And I think it will stay that way. It could be less than 6 months until he is home and that's what I am hoping for!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

1 yr Aniversary

A year from now Britany and i got married it was one of the happiest days of my life. I just couldn't be any happier, I got to marry the love of my life and there just isn't any one better. I love her :) Its been a hard year for us but its almost over (hopefully). We have made it this long and a there is a little bit more left and our love just keeps growing, nothing can stop us. I tell her its like a fairytale and they all end up with happy endings and ours for sure will. i love you sweetie and happy anniversary

Happy One Year

Dated for a year, engaged for a year and now happily married for a year. It's amazing how time flies. It feels a little bittersweet celebrating our one year anniversary when we aren't together. It's kind of hard to make it a reality when I've only seen him for about three and a half months total out of the year. Hopefully it won't be to much longer until we are together again and live like a real married couple. I can't wait for that day. One day soon :) Until then we will keep living strong. Love you lots papa bear!