Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here it goes...

Because I am super forgetful I wanted to jot down all my thoughts, but also because it is 12:30am and am running on about 2 hours of sleep from the night before...it all may not make sense...so when I have a chance I will go back and fix what needs fixin'.

Derek became Elder Stott today. And Devyn is soon on his way! What a feeling! I think of my brothers as the cutest/handsomest things that walked this earth (minus my husband and father of course...but only for this occasion)...and they are...because they are my brothers... and they are hilarious and caring, responsible...when they need to be... they are laid back when they can be. Protective and smart, worthy and manly...I could go on but this would be a really long blog... To watch the process and progress that my brothers have been going through in just the past few months is amazing. Long story short, the feelings that I have experienced today is a reassurance that the Gospel that we know today is truly the word Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. As Derek was being set apart I felt like every right word had been spoken and that they were inspired by the Lord. I was tearing up even before they got started! Devyn and Derek have been such a great examples to me. I wish that everyone(including myself) could have the same enthusiasm that they have exhumed over the opportunity that they have to serve the Lord.
One other thing I had a chance to witness today was the power of the priesthood. Both Dad and Devyn had the opportunity to stand in on Dereks blessing and later that night Derek received a fathers blessing with Devyn by his side. I feel so blessed to be apart of a family that has worthy priesthood holders and they are able to exercise that privilege on any given day. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that the Lord is on your side no matter what happens. For this, I am truly thankful for.