Saturday, May 31, 2008

I should be sleeping

But...I'm not...So...blogging time...

Not to much has been going on. I'm almost finished with this term of school and i'm convinced that I am failing 3 out of 3's a good feeling...
I turned 21. Went to the traditional dinner with the family, which is always a hoot. Those are always a favorite. We pretty much just make fun of each other the whole time. It's all out of love. Went to dinner with the few friends I have here, but am thankful for, at the Portland City Grill. It was amazing. The service was amazing, the food...phenomenal. The view...fabulous. It just so happen to be thunder and lightening that night at we got the whole show! The birthday dessert...Mmm...I had a lot of fun. I needed it.
On another note, I work...and then work some more it seems. I'm trying to keep positive so I will want to go the next day...Some days are harder than others...I think part of it has to do with attitudes....Not just mine, but with co-workers...All I can do really is say 'oh well' and hope they realize they are bringing others down and snap out of the sass.
It's getting closer to June 11th. I can't frikin wait. It's all i need right now. Just to see my husband. I don't know how to explain the feelings I have. It's just time. I need to see him now. I hate that my emotions rule me. I can pretty much cry on a drop of a dime. I find myself to be in a much somber mood these days and almost don't know how to take myself out of it. I can keep myself busy as much as I want...but that doesn't change anything. I'm trying...but I can only do so much.
On a happier note, Maquel Weed is getting hitched at the end of June! I remember when we used to sit on my bed an play cards all night long...those where the days. Bestest of friends. I feel like she's always been strong in the church or at least somewhat more connected than me, but I admire her for that, and for the influences she had on me as a friend then and now.
I am now thinking to myself that I really should try and will write sometime day.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nice weather, under the weather...

So...It's starting to warm up outside. The clouds pretty much disappeared this afternoon which made it even better. Here's the crap side of it. I feel like crap...That's cool... here's some nice weather with a side of headaches, sinus flares, stomachaches, weakness and no will to stay awake.
Good Story.
Well...I can hope that I start to feel better within the day or 2...It would be nice to enjoy some good weather.
ON a better note... going to June...


No joke.
It's about time!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just a little sumin sumin...

It's been a while since I last wrote...
Luis lost his job, but at no fault of his own. We are thinking it had to do with some kind of family drama...but what can you do...He's had a couple of interviews...some sound better than others, others are closer than others...but we're crossing our fingers that it will be a job that will treat him well and the pay will be enough.
I guess it's crazy hot down there right now. Luis says he just melts sitting there...
I think I finally found some dates that I will be able to go visit him...I'm thinking in about a hopefully it won't be to crazy hot when I get down there.
Work and school are going fine for me. Same as always.
I don't seem to get out much and that means more time to clean, eat less, drink more water and starting...again... this week, GYM TIME.
We'll see how long that lasts.
I cut out fast food and soda for a start.
Except starbucks hot chocolate....that doesn't count...and regular moderation...of course...
And today when I was going to donate blood I found out my iron is 2 points low...Nothing to be alarmed about, but something work on they say.
More spinach for me!

Oo, I learned how to belay for the rock wall the other day. That was exciting. I'm stoked to work grad nights.

Luis and I are working on the first part of paperwork to send in. One step closer to having him home. I can't wait. OYE!