Friday, June 27, 2008

New Favorite...

I saw Wall-e last night with Katie and Jewell.
It's way cute.
I recommended it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I love my gangster husband

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I was runnin late into work feelin my head going boom boom like if my heart was up there , ha, wonder why? im comin in and when i was walking I see this cute girl with her head down puttin cloths on hangers when she raises her head up and smiles and im like hello. yeah i swear my head quites bumpin and then my heart starts . crazy stuff true story. she worked in the intimate section near the shoe back room so you know i was going back there as much as i could tryin to spit some game, you know what i mean but man i could go past the flirtin part i was scared of rejection or something weird just getting done with a long relationship, afraid to get in a new one. I remember this night I checked this girl out but the i figured out she always went to me so i could check her out wondering if she did it on purpose. I asked my homie danny, "hey fool shes cute hu?" he was like," yeah fool, go talk to her ." so i did but i punked out and didnt ask for a number or nothing. the a couple min. later she comes back and asks me for a little plastic bag. then the rest of my shift i was disappointed in me. so shift is over and i run to my car cause it was raining and when i turn my car on I see a plastic bag on my windshield. I grab it and look at what in side and its notes from Britany ha i'm like tight. and it had her number on there and said call me, ha i was like excited so you know I did call her and now we're married, hella sick, i haven't been happier . right now i crazy miss her but i know we will have a happy future together, it's worth the wait.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Tis' true. I had a lovely time with my hubby this past week. For sure was not long enough, but it was much needed and i am thankful for the time that we did have together. It had been 3 months since we had last seen each other...and that seemed like for freakin ever. We had the chance to stay in Antigua for a couple nights and just spend some time away from his 'sometimes' nosey family...that i just love to death...(really Luis, I do...) We got dressed up, went to dinner, shopped around, ate lots of food...It was just wonderful to actually be husband and one country...together...speaking english...together...did i mention together? Even if it's hot...and stuffy...and humid...and there are bugs that like to bite...and rain that comes and goes inconveniently...and there's really not much to's the together thing. We got to go see a a theater! That was exciting. That is something I missed. I think that was kind of our thing...when we weren't broke...The movies. The power went out a couple times...and it was a little warm...but it was still good...We saw Indiana Jones...Shia Leboeuf is in it...mmm...Shia...anywho...
Apparently dark rooms mean you can make out all you want...I heard lips smacking around me the whole guess in Guatemalan theaters there is no such thing as an indoor voice...
In Escuintla...where Luis lives...I'm the only white person around...Luis says "even the girls are checking you out"'s cuz i'm white...and female...holding hands with the guatemalan i call my husband. but thanks?
Anywho. I had a really good time and can't wait till i get to go again but I even more than that, I can't wait till he gets to come back and we can really get our life together going. Seriously. I love that man.