Sunday, September 21, 2008

I love online scrapbooking,

It leads me to so many new things and I think this is one of my favorite things so far. Yay for new blog headers! Give it a try!


5, class, letter

Trip number five! I'm back once again. It's bittersweet as always. I had a great time with Luis and I needed that time with him real bad. The time apart puts a serious toll on me, and him as well. Just being able to see him face to face, to be able to actually talk to him without a phone...amazing! It puts me at ease the moment I see his face when I'm walking out of the airport. I can only hope and wish and have faith that he will be able to come back soon and we can start getting settled into our crazy married life. How wonderful would that be? Simply gratifying.
I start classes again tomorrow...whoo...I'm going to try for the 2010 nursing program to become...well...a nurse. Yay! I think this is my true calling, besides being a wife and future mom. I've been dwindling far to long and it's time to get on track. It feels good to know what I really want to do now.
Luis and I recived a letter from our lawyer telling us what we can start working on while we wait for the next step which is Luis' interview for his visa. So now we can start writing our letters for hardship. This means I write a letter saying I can't survive without Luis, here, in the United States while I go to school, work and have my family here and how impossible it would be for me to live in Guatemala for the next 10 years. AND then Luis has to write a letter pretty much saying him being apart from me would effect me. Cuz it's all about me. Or that's what we have to make it sound like. Along with our 2 letters, we need family and friends to write letters for us to show their support for Luis coming back to the States. It all makes me very nervous. There are a bunch of 'what ifs' running through my mind but I'm trying my best to think positivly without getting my hopes crushed.
I'm watching the emmy's and Josh Groban is coming'm gonna go watch him...cuz i love him. How could you not?

But of course I love my husband more!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Take Two

Devyn left yesterday morning.
Took a little effort to not start bawling.
Both little brothers are off doing the college thing. It's a little quiet around here. But not to quiet. There are still 2 little girls that know how to make lots of noise.
But ya know. Miss the bros.
On another note. I am making another trip to Guatemala to see the hubby!!!
I'm gonna be flat broke...but...I gotta go. I'm excited.