Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's coming in....sideways...No worries!

I went to go see the oral surgeon guy today. 3 0f 4 wisdom teeth are growing in fine for the most part... the coming in sideways...and when i say sideways...i mean it...I saw the xray....and it's pretty uncomfortable...There is a constant dull pain in my mouth from my wisdom's great.

April 23. 8.30am. I am finally getting rid of them. thank goodness.
My bottom teeth are on a nerve line or something to that effect and so it was probably bruise, meaning my lip might go numb for a while...I ask what a while is...he says 6 to 8 weeks. A while my tush. 'Yeah, be careful when you drink...ha ha ha'

Not funny.

Jerk move mr oral surgeon man. jerk move...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beach Trip!

I got the chance to go to the beach with Erica and her family who stayed in a cute little pent house in Seaside. Above is the resort we stayed at. It's right on the beach. And the place we stayed is on the first floor, one with the windows in the corner...yeah... I've never slept so good. The bed....amazing...sheets felt like a frikin cloud. I was nice just to get away from home and work and even family for a night. The only thing that could have made it perfect would to have Luis there with me...of course.

In other news...
A couple days...slash...a week ago Luis had an incident at the gas station where he works at and pretty much things have been falling to crap up till now. He wrote a letter to the big boss people and actually got a reply back and they asked for his resume and so we are hoping for good things. Possibly a better job, although he is doing ok with his assistant shift manager job...or whatever he calls it, i'm sure he will correct me...But things could always be better.

Cross your fingers!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Today...I feel tired...

And if i were a cat...that's how I would look. Pretty cute huh?

No naps for me or else I won't sleep tonight. Got to keep myself occupied...

We did the easter basket thing today with the family. Kate SWEARS she saw the Easter Bunny outside and made me go look right away. She saw the bunnies ears behind my car. Ends up that the girls easter baskets were in dad's truck and dad left the house door open so some how the Easter bunny got inside and left a whole bunch of eggs. Kate and Annie were ecstatic. The bunny is really good at hiding the boys baskets...took everyone a good couple of minutes before they found them in the freezer...We decorated eggs...made a mess...always fun. Kate ate her right after she was done. She's a character :)

Good old Easter Bunny.

Tomorrow should be a blast....I use extreme sarcasim. I love my grandmas...But they can be so crazy sometimes!
The grandmas have a Easter/Celebrate Dad's Birthday Party planned for tomorrow...
We'll see how it goes...


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Money? What money?

I try not to worry about it, same with Luis. But when it comes down to not being able to call one another cuz we're low on's just ridiculous...I'm trying not to feel frustrated and reassuring myself that everything will turn out just fine, but it's time like these that just drag me down.

Happy thoughts...happy thoughts...


Let's do this.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We're gonna try this out...

It's hard living in 2 different places. People ask how we are doing and managing and some want to hear from Luis(or Neto) so I thought this would be a nice little way to keep up with both of us. Yay!