Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's been... how long?

Hey Ya'll! SO it's been a while. Like... 2 1/2 years a while I believe! Honestly... I started back up so I could keep track of all the happenings in the Diaz family... but if you asked me what happened a year ago, I wouldn't be able to tell you because I have a TERRIBLE memory. True story. Ask my loving husband. SO. Let's dive right in starting with the most recent news! We had a little running joke that Derek started when he got off his mission. He would say, hey guys, guess what... I'm engaged!... When he really wasn't. Funny haha. SO Luis and started saying, Hey guys, guess what... We're pregnant! when we really weren't. Here we are in Georgia taking a picture with Heidi's family. (Luis is taking the pictures)

Hey. Family Picture!

Say, Lisa and Noel are going to be grandparents!

Wait, what did you say? That's hilarious!

True Story! Britany is preggo!
Hug it out ya'll!

So it's true! I'm pregnant! 14 weeks as of yesterday. It's the size of a lemon. I compare it to a fruit because my sisters like to know how big it is and that's what the app on my phone tells me ;)  Things have been good so far. I have had my morning sickness in the evening, didn't throw up once until a week ago, and I think it was because I had a small bug. I'm tired allllll the time and my hips are killer at times. Besides the constant grumpiness that my poor, loving husband has to put up with, I feel pretty good.

In other news, the twins got married to their BEAUTIFUL wives this summer!
Hey, Hey good lookins


Um, my favorite picture

That was a pretty big deal... They are all grown up and married and cute and now it's there turn to have babies! Just kidding. We're giving them a year. Maybe two.
Devyn and Heidi got married in the Atlanta, Georgia Temple. It was beautiful and crazy hot pretty much the whole time we were there. We were greeted by nice little rainstorm of monster proportions. Scary trying to drive through that. Our hotel was great. Delicious breakfast buffet every morning. and not to far from The Waffle House that we got to try and the waffles... AWESOME. We visited Heidi's family, did a little shopping, enjoyed the wedding and reception. The boys and little girls went to six flags while the fiances, mom and I went shopping and to the bridal shower. After the wedding festivities we had a chance to go to the Atlanta Aquarium! It was pretty impressive :) Pretty much the whole time in Atlanta I was feeling sick, thanks baby raspberry, but I think we had a great time overall!
Derek and Jess got married in the Bountiful, Utah Temple. It was also beautiful and almost as crazy hot. We got to have dinner with family at the Olive Garden, see lots of family at the reception and see a couple of friends! Luis and I stayed with a BFF Kirsten and her husband and also got to see Leisha and crazy cute girls! Pretty sure they should all move to Oregon... It's better here ;)

That's all that is left in my brain for now... I will (hopefully) update some more in the next day or two.