Friday, November 6, 2009

A waiting game update and a little more

It has been forever since I updated...

SO here it goes.

Visa waiting game update: At the end of october we received an email from ours lawyers saying that they received an email from the Visa center saying they are waiting for a reply from DHS about a waiver we applied for back in april. WELL. Apparently this waiver takes 6 months(which would be this nov.) to a year to be processed. When we turned in all the paperwork for the visa, including this waiver... we thought it all went together but come to find out that the waiver is something on it's own. Anywho, lawyer lady says they think we will get an answer from DHS after the new year but not any sooner because this is about the time government likes to take vacations to be with their families. Imagine that. Hm. Anywho, when the Visa center gets the answer from DHS they will contact Luis and he will be told when to go to the center so he can find out if the Visa is approved. The lawyers assure us that it most likely will be. Continuing to keep our fingers and toes crossed.

I'm still working at the Bistro. That is seriously a job you do not want to keep for years. Adore my boss, not the work. I do love my nannying job though. She is such a joy to watch and play with. She has such a strong personality already and is crawling and pulling herself up and thinking she can walk on her own and she's barely nine months old. She's a good baby fix, and i mean that in the nicest way possible.

Luis is still working at the car wash and cruise ships are back for the season. Things are a sketchy down there right now. If you aren't up for sad, I would skip this paragraph... A little girl that lived in the neighborhood, that Luis would see almost everyday walking with her sister, was kidnapped a couple weeks ago and held for ransom. From what I understand, after the little girls family agreed to paying the ransom when they were told their daughter was still alive, a couple days later they found her body. She had already been dead for 15 days. Unfortunately this is the type of stuff you can read about more and more these days. It's a shame we can't send Jenny(my sister-in-law) down to see her mom and I can't go see Luis even though I know if anything were to happen he would be there to protect us in any way he possibly could.

On a not so sad note, the twins are doing great. The letters the write and email each week are Awesome. When i'm not so tired I post some fabulous pictures.

My sister in law had her Quinceanera a weekend or two ago. I'd say it went pretty well. There was lots of delicious food and lots of people with a little bit of dancing here and there. I have pictures on my facebook if you are interested. We spent the morning setting up and blowing up balloons. Went and got her hair did extra curly. Stop to change and then off to get her makeup done at macys. Quick stop at subway to feed the teenagers. run back to the party spot to shove food down and wait for the limo. Take pictures of the birthday girl send them on their way. I run home and pretend to have enough time to get ready and gather everything I need, but when you only have 45 minutes with how long my hair is...not enough time... Run back to the party spot, set up food and cakes thanks to my Bff Katie, run around, take some pictures...and when i say some i mean until the cameras dies... There was a moment when she was about to blow out her candles when you knew all she wanted was her mom. Her god parents video taped everything so they could send it to her mom and brother.

Well I'm off to get ready for another exciting day in the bistro.