Sunday, April 27, 2008

I couldn't come up with anything creative...sorry...

Um...No...I didn't Not take a pic after I had my wisdom teeth removed. I'll let you visualize what that might have been like. I have been enjoying my days of sleep. Something I haven't done in a while. Come to find out vicodin knocks me out. That makes is my new best friend. In a safe, good, healthy way of course. Pain is a little bit duller today. Tried to eat pizza today...didn't work so well. Back to top ramen and cottage cheese. The pain that was on the left side before I got my teeth pulled is pretty much gone, it's the right side that's killer now. What's with that? There's no winning. I've got to work Sunday and I'm hoping all will go well. Mom is a little worried. Guess I've been a little slow...loopy...I haven't stayed awake for more than 3 hours without taking a little cat nap and she's worried I'll over work myself...sooo...yay for adventures!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Day 2...slightly better than Day 1. I can actually swallow...kinda...I'm down to one pain pill...but right now i feel like I should be taking 3...My right side is worse than the left...and I'm pretty sure there is a piece of rice stuck in the back somewhere and I can get it cuz I can't open my mouth more then a couple centimeters. I'm fun.

Let's all get our wisdom teeth pulled...It will make you fun to.

Luis got a laugh at me when I tried to talk to him on the phone...FYI hunny...not funny...but thanks :)

I just had to let it out. Gets kind of lonely sitting here all day and not be able to talk. But. I'm good. It's almost over with.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just picking at my brain...

I haven't written anything for a while...But not much has gone on besides LEISHA and VAHE getting married yesterday!
Yay! It was so cute. The weather was just perfect. The Temple was beautiful and the reception was amazing and had a great turn out and there was sooo much food. They are still trying to get rid of it. Leisha looked absolutely gorgeous. Vahe was stunning. You could defiantly tell they are going to be happy together forever. I'm so ecstatic for them and wish them only the best!

It all reminded me of my hubby and I. I just want, so bad, him to be here with me. Watching everyone dance, and me not being able to dance with with Luis killed me. Luckily I have a loving brother that asked me to dance, and I love him for that. He made me feel good. Anywho...I just got to thinking...over all...that i really hate not being able to dance with my husband when I want to...cook for him when he gets home from work...go to the park with him whenever we want...hold his hand when were just standing there...sleep next to him every night...even though he snores...seriously...
I even had a hard time being around couples, I almost avoid being in those situations where I know there are going to be couples or couple there and I won't feel like going because I know I will feel upset or sad. i mean don't get me wrong, yay for couples!, it's just...I guess I'm envious in a way, and I know that sounds ridiculous and I should just get over it but at the same time I try not to let it get to me, I shouldn't let it. It's couples being couples. I just miss him so much and I want to be able to do those same couple things that I see every day. We are married and we'll be together forever, and I hope it will be HERE together Fooorr EvvEr(Think Sandlot...anyone? anyone?....) Some days are harder than others...but we find a way to push through.