Thursday, February 18, 2010

In case you haven't heard...

Luis is coming home! Long story short, we found out last Wednesday that the waivers were approved and the next day we were told the visa was approved and he could pick it up on Tuesday. We bought the plane ticket on Wednesday and he is coming home Saturday!
Anyone is welcome to join us at the airport to say hello. His flight comes in at 8:05 and I think we will be there at 7:30 to greet anyone who comes. Also, if you don't come that night to meet him, no worries, in the next couple weeks we will put together a shindig to celebrate his coming home.

In preparation for his coming home I've had to do something drastic...

Clean my room.

I Know.

Crazy, right?

For those who know me... I don't do this very often... My rooms has always been an organized mess... to me at least... BUT I figured I should gut the place and with the help of my WONDERFUL BFF's and parents and even little sisters, my rooms looks brand new. Who would have thought?

Anywho. I'm only a little excited. Whatever ;)