Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lucky Me

I am fortunate enough to have a very talented bff who is great at pretty much EVERYTHING and she offered to take a couple maternity photos for me. I had tried to avoid the camera through my pregnancy and the only photos that were capture were the ones my father in law managed to rope me into. I am grateful for Leisha and her talents and her willingness to capture my hugeness so I could remember what I looked like, even with her busy schedule while she was visiting Oregon. Thanks Leish! (You should check out her blog. It's amazing! Homemade Toast)

It's a little late...

but here is a post I started and never finished from... last year...
"Um, excuse me did you know that sharks swallow fish whole? They don't even peel the skin off!"

"There is one guy you want to listen to. It's Heavenly Father. He's important."

I love my sunbeams. And that is why I'm so sad that I was released this week! You would think after 3 1/2 years of primary I'd be sick of it. Well... maybe at times... but now it means I have to reintroduce myself into relief society. Not going to lie. That's a little bit scarier than primary. I have to be a big girl and do big girl things like socialize. Now, it's not that I don't want to... it's just an anxiety thing. I like everyone and I know nobody is out to get me. it just takes me a bit to warm up to others :)
In other news, Christmas break was awesome. The whole family was here and it was so nice to spend time with them! We celebrated Luis' birthday by driving some go karts. The men and little (not so little) girls had fun while mom, Jess, Heidi and I watched and cheered them on :)

We enjoyed a sprinkle of snow. This is at my job with the old ladies. They didn't stop talking about the huge flakes until it melted away.

 We wrapped presents. I'm an expert wrapper. Obviously.

Christmas was awesome! I had to work the morning of Christmas eve but had the night off. We had our time honored Christmas eve dinner at the Leishman house. They are so amazing and the food is always delicious! We headed home to get  Christmas pj's, open one gift and read the Christmas story with the Stott clan then Luis and I ran off to his sister's house to eat some more good food and celebrate at midnight (Guatemala time so we didn't really have to stay up super late!) We headed back home, went to bed to get ready for the morning. We gave dad a 7am deadline to be out of the shower and ready because he likes to take his sweet time in the past. Well, we were up before 7. Santa was noisy. Unwrapping presents was a lot of fun. I got a sewing machine that I need to learn to use, a kindle fire from the hubby and lots of other fun things from the family. We had a family Christmas list that we can all see and make changes to and as a joke the couples put a Xbox 360 to play natzi zombies together on. It was a huge surprise when it actually happened!  We then headed over to gma Judys for Christmas brunch! She goes all out and we always have delicious food and drinks and we always stuff ourselves! We unwrapped presents from grandmas and then headed back home to nap and play with toys. I love the holiday season because we just get to hang out with family and friends the whole time :)

 Look at this super cute cupacake! It was at my surprise baby shower! While my sis-in-laws and a couple friends were in town they threw together a quick and cute little shindig. I seriously had no idea. Kirsten invited me out for food and games which I was totally ok with since I would get some hang time with the bff. Kirsten, her mom and Sara said they had a shower to go to so they dropped me off but wanted to say hi to my mom real quick. I saw a friends car outside, but I was thinking that maybe she and her hubby were there to see my brothers so I didn't really suspect anything. I walk in and there are people sitting in the front room and surprise! I've got one lucky baby in my belly! We ate some delicious food made by my sister in laws, played some games, decorated onesies and opened some presents. Little man got some really cute, great and useful things. He's going to be one spoiled baby. Thank you to everyone that contributed. It made me feel so good :)

Deliciously made by Jewell Ray

Luis and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. That's 7 years of togetherness and I still like the guy! Luis brought me home some beautiful flowers. At that time I was on the phone with my OB nurse. She was in the process of telling me that I failed my glucose test and had low iron and needed to go in for the 3 hour test (yay...). No biggie. I wasn't worried. It happens. She continues to tell me "now that doesn't mean you have diabetes..." Well I wasn't thinking of that... but thanks. After I hung up Luis handed me a box of hand picked chocolates so you know they're gonna be good. That's when pregnant Britany starts tearing up and says "I can eat these!" A little dramatic, I know... Well. I still ate them. I was just didn't eat them in one sitting. We ended up going to Benihanas for dinner and it was great. The food was delicious and I got my onion soup and ginger salad that I had been craving for forever. Over all it was a great anniversary and can't wait for the next 5 years!

 I am 30 weeks along and I'm starting to feel it. I am tired all the time. I NEED a nap just about every day. The past 2 days my hips and the muscles right under my protruding belly have been killer. It started tuesday night, didn't sleep, had to get up early for the 3 hour glucose test wednesday and be vampired in both arms. I disliked not being able to eat and having to drink the worst. koolaid. ever. The muscle spams/cramps continued through out the day. There was NO getting comfortable. Heating pads, tylenol, comfort food, massages, pillows everywhere... nothing. It was a long day. I had to be up the next morning for work and was hoping it would all be over... Not so much. It certainly wasn't as bad. I worked, went home and slept some more and it felt great. Today I feel like a normal preggo lady :)
At times I feel like this kid is going to crawl himself out. He is a ninja... or a break dancer. It went from, did you feel that? to, did you frikin see that?!  Sometimes he hits a nerve or something around my left hip. Holy. Cow. It makes me yelp a little bit or want to double over at times. It's quite the love tap. 
My current cravings consist of yogurt, cinnamon chip bread from my bffs parents bakery, Bungalow Bread Co. (check them out on facebook), chocolate/strawberry milk (which is weird since I am slightly lactose intolerant. I take a lactose pill and that usually helps), those easy mac cups, my grandmas banana bread (who am I kidding, I crave that even when I wasn't preggo), and Tillamook mint chocolate chip ice cream. There seems to never be enough ice cream in the house... I'm not the only on  that eats it though so it can be disappointing when I go to indulge in a craving and it's all gone...