Thursday, October 25, 2012

Velociraptors and babies

I eat a bowl of cereal every morning. One can not achieve the optimal milk to cereal ratio when eating from a mug. Some how all the bowls in the house are dirty. All at the same time. It certainly isn't the end of the world but it doesn't make it easy for this pregnant lady or Kitty Rajah who likes to finish off the last bits of milk and cereal sticking to the bowl.
Not that it stopped him...
Today we got to find out the gender of baby Diaz! Baby was very active and made the technician work at it but we eventually found out that it's a Boy!


 It was amazing to see our little man and not have to call you a dinosaur not that you look human! I was also happy to know all those little flutters I've felt the past week or so were actually my baby and not just my stomach being bubbly :) As real as the nausea and aches have been, today has made it a little more real and I'm starting to get pretty excited about it all, not that I wasn't before but now I feel we can really start planning and getting things ready!



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